Yancy's Fancy Cheese

Yancy’s Fancy Bulk Cheese

Smoked Gouda w/Bacon: $4.00 /lb

Roasted Garlic: $5.79 /lb

Buffalo Wing: $5.79 /lb

Hot Wasabi Horseradish: $5.94 /lb

Jalapeno Cayenne: $5.79 /lb

Pepperoni: $5.79 /lb

Steakhouse Onion: $4.00 /lb

Triple XXX: $5.89 /lb

Sharp Cheddar: $5.89 /lb

Sweet & Spicy Jalapeno Peppa-Dew: $4.00 /lb

Yancy’s Fancy Sliced Cheese

Mozzarella: $4.29 /lb

Pepperjack: $4.79 /lb

American Yellow: $3.89 /lb

American White: $3.89 /lb

Willstons Limburger: $7.49 /lb



IMPORTANT NOTE: All of our prices are subject to change without notice.